Many of us have driven a Go-kart and have thrilled to the sensation of speed that is derived from sitting so close to the ground, and most of us have been frustrated when the kart in front won’t move over and we haven’t quite got enough extra power to overtake. With Stoxkarts that situation no longer exists, if the kart in front won’t move over........ it’s time to use the bumper!

Brisca F1 Stock Cars are the ultimate formula in short-oval contact racing, but at an ultimate price. Even the less glamorous contact formulas are pricing themselves out of the market, and that is where Stoxkarts come into their own. Currently priced at £4250 a brand new Stoxkart costs less to buy than any other recognised formula, and the running costs and repair bills are minimal. In what other formula can you expect a set of tyres to last from one season to the next, to say nothing of the costs in getting to and from meetings. Just load your Stoxkart onto a small car trailer or even pop it into the back of a Transit sized van and off you go.

For more details on the Stoxkart formula please click on the link below.

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