Saloon Stock Cars

The Saloon Stock Car formula first appeared in 1968, when promoters Spedeworth felt there was a call for a Stock Car class that the watching public could relate to, as their Formula Two Stock Car class transformed during the 1960’s from one based on a small road car to purpose built open-wheeled cars. Thus, they were re-named ‘Superstox’, and the Saloons were introduced simply as ‘Stock Cars’ and they had their first meeting at the original Aldershot Stadium. With the availability of cars being vast, it was an instant success with MG Magnette’s, Austin A60’s, Morris Minors and the like all taking to the track with only a limited amount of ironwork and preparation. Spedeworth had a large number of tracks at that point in time and the new formula Stock Cars rapidly spread across all of them in their regions from the south of England, East Anglia and Scotland. Some drivers transferred across from the F2 cars such as Eddie James and Aubrey ‘Foxy’ Dance and became early stars along with names such as ‘Gentleman’ Jeff Munn, Graham North, Bob Studd, ‘Gray’ Davis and ‘Duffy’ Mick Collard.

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