National Hot Rods

National Hot Rods are the absolute pinnacle of the non-contact oval racing classes in the world. There are two types of Hot Rod that Spedeworth promote, most notably are their own, the 2.0L class, which is very much the stepping stone to the National Hot Rods, to which Spedeworth is a founding member of the National's governing body. The National Hot Rod is a very sophisticated car indeed, with 2L engines developing over 200bhp, these are quite a handful! Although outwardly resembling modern saloons, the National Hot Rod has nothing in common with your Vauxhall Tigra shopping car! These cars are constructed around an extremely strong space frame chassis, clothed in Kevlar panels and sitting on ultra hi-tech suspension. By the time one of these first spins it's wheels in anger, it will have set back the owner some £20,000+. Extremely skilful handling is required to stay out of trouble and be successful. This formula is definitely not for the feint of heart! Please click on the link below to visit the home of The National Hot Rods

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