BriSCA F1 Stock Cars

A BriSCA F1 is a race car with front engine, rear-wheel drive, and open-wheeled with the driver located centrally. Cars make use of an aerofoil mounted on top of the roof that is similar to those found on American Sprint cars.

A modern BriSCA F1 Stock car is constructed of a race engineering steel chassis with aluminium sheet body panelling and aerofoils (wings) with a robust roll-over/safety cage. They must weigh 1350-1500kgs and use a heavily modifed Ford Transit rear axle with a 'Doug Nash' style gearbox with 2 forward gears (1 for racing) and 1 reverse.

The most common engine used due to its reliability and availability, is a race tuned American Chevrolet V8 engine in both Small Block (327ci) 5.4 L and Big Block (454ci) 7.4 L varieties producing upwards of 740 bhp with approx 640 ft/lbs of torque.

There is no limit in engine capacity or number of cylinders but engines must be naturally aspirated (no supercharging/turbocharging permitted).

Cars can reach speeds of 80-90 mph around a quarter-mile oval so they use large roof aerofoils to help slow the cars down and create downforce on the corners to provide some extra cornering grip.

Many drivers use two separate cars, one will be setup primarily for use on shale/dirt ovals, while the other car will be setup for tarmac/asphalt ovals, however a few drivers with limited budgets may optimise just one vehicle for both surface types, changing various components for each different track and surface.

Please visit the official BriSCA F1 Stock Car Racing Website by clicking the link below

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars

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