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This is a Motor Sport book all about Banger Racing in the U.K. It's centred around the longest running Stadium, at Ringwood, in Hampshire. The book includes the History of how and when Banger Racing started and where you can find the Banger Racing tracks. The Banger rules and regulations and details of all the major championships staged. There are many colour photographs of the amazing cars used in Banger Racing and the action they create. The book also details reports of the Banger Racing history of the U.K. Open and the first 20 years of action. Read all about the famous Banger Racing teams, like the Suicide Squad, Levellers, Ant Hill Mob, Bashers, Three Litre, Condoms, Creams, Bears and the Animals. This Motor Racing book explains how Banger Racing started in the late 1960's and continues to the Heavy Metal Classic at Standlake Arena on New Year's Day 2020. If you are curious of what Banger Racing is all about, or you are already a fan, or a driver, and are interested in seeing photographs, and reading the stories of the cars, the drivers, and the meetings, this book is for you.

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