The Golden Years Superstox and Stock Cars

The golden years of oval racing were arguably the 1970s when the sport went though its' most rapid development and enjoyed its biggest following. The stock car formula had evolved considerably from the original version launched in 1954. Contstant development and modification over the years meant that the cars looked nothing like the original road going versions and so the Spedeworth promotion renamed their main class 'Superstox' and introduced a new formula closer to the original idea bearing the original name of stock cars. Whilst hot rod racing provided a pure form of motor racing with no contact between cars allowed it was the Superstox and stock car formulae that continued to provide the 'crash and bash' that many race fans flocked to see. Although essentially an amatuer sport both the Superstox and stock cars contested international championships and test matches which were attended by huge crowds. Superstox and stock cars have evolved even further since the 1970s, but captured here in over 200 photographs are the cars, drivers and the circuits from those golden years of racing.

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